Friday, December 10, 2004

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Abeille screenshot
JETA Software has a nifty SQL client and database modeling tool called "Abeille" (i.e. "bee" in french), which they give away for free. It's not OpenSource (no sources) neither Free software (no GPL, no AFL, ...) but you may download and use it for free, even for commercial purposes/projects, and there aren't any runtime/deployment restrictions either. I'd call that "freeware", actually. It uses Java (works with 1.4, didn't work with 5) and (obviously) JDBC drivers to connect to MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2, McKoi, ... I gave it a shot yesterday, to import an existing MySQL database into a model and add relationships to it. It's very smooth and easy to use, just drag'n'drop the existing tables into the model. Some of the other features (database object browser, SQL editor/frontend) are very much like in DBVisualizer (freeware as well, at least the free edition). A good one, although it would be much nicer if they'd just release it under GPL or an Apache/MPL-like license. An E/R modeling part would have been a killer.
Note that they also have a Forms Designer for JGoodies' FormLayout, under the same license (freeware) :)


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