Sunday, December 12, 2004

» amaroK 1.2-beta2

amaroK screenshot
amaroK is a killer! It's still in development and a little shaky around the edges (as one would expect for a beta release) but it has a tremendous load of great features, such as fetching covers, displaying lyrics, organizing your files in a sqlite3 or mysql database, and many more. It's definately worth checking out. It currently requires a rather new KDE as well as having gstreamer installed (both shipped with SUSE 9.2 and 9.1) but if you are running SUSE 9.2, you've got all it takes. You'll find an RPM of amarok 1.2-beta2 for SUSE Linux 9.2 on my RPM website. The dependencies are shipped with SUSE 9.2, with the exception of taglib - I'd strongly suggest you to install the taglib 1.3.1 RPM that's on my website as well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did a 9.2 'upgrade all packages' the other day, to upgrade KDE as well as SUSE. Afterwards, did an 'upgrade all' with your Yast source. amaroK 1.2-beta2 is great. Thanks.

Blogger Loki said...

Then quickly go install amarok 1.2 (stable) on my site, it's even better.
Because of the naming scheme (I should have handled better), apt-get or YaST won't recognize "1.2" as being a newer version than "1.2beta...".

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Done, thanks again.


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