Tuesday, December 07, 2004

» pyqlogger

Sir Reflog has written a quite cool blogger.com desktop client called "pyqlogger" (as the name says, it's written in Python/Qt).
If you're using SUSE Linux, go fetch the pyqlogger RPM on my site, but I would recommend installing it using my APT repository, as apt-get will install the required packages (pyosd and feedparser) automagically.
Thanks for your good work, Reflog.


Blogger Unknown said...

glad you like it.
keep an eye on 2.0 release.
it will be HUGE :)

Blogger Loki said...

Yep, tried to build a snapshot of 2.0 a while ago but wasn't too successful.
As long as it will be announced on freshmeat.net, it shall be built and packaged ;-)

Blogger Unknown said...

Yeah, the trunk version was on hiatus for a while now. It should build and run now, but not stable even for an alpha release, yet.
When it is - it will be announced on freshmeat ofcourse.


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