Wednesday, January 26, 2005

» Jude UML Designer

There aren't much OpenSource (or even freeware) UML designer tools out there. ArgoUML is pretty good but the handling is rather cumbersome. Poseidon for UML is a much improved version of ArgoUML but the Community Edition is only available for non-commercial projects. Omondo's EclipseUML is a great Eclipse plugin but it's license might be a bit restrictive as well. Still, it might be the best candidate to me. A co-worker just pointed me to another contender: Jude. Never heard of that one. I played around with it a little and it sure is nice to use. It's pretty straightforward and supports many UML diagram types. It doesn't seem to be really OpenSource but it's freeware, and written in Java (requires JRE 1.4) so it runs on Linux and MacOSX as well :-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are over a couple system modelled in Jude and I say it is worth to try. And now it has full unicode support! It's homepage is, and we use the version 1.5.1

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We use version 2.5.1 for a couple of weeks ... just great!


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