Monday, May 16, 2005

» Finished moving

Moved to our new house this week-end. Dead tired now but it went really fast (moved all the stuff in 2.5 hours (!)) and not much boxes left unsorted. Still some minor issues to solve but we're more or less done :-) Damn, why didn't I buy a wireless PCI card for my PC when I was at the shop... will be for tomorrow. Then I'll be able to upload my new RPM packages again. Sorry for the delay ;-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pls, create a new rpm of kopete!

May 20th 2005 - MSN problems fixed in SVN
A change was made to the MSN servers a few days ago which prompted Kopete to display "wrong password" errors when attempting to connect to the MSN service. The problem has been fixed and you will need to recompile Kopete from KDE's subversion repository to get the fix. The fix will be in KDE 3.4.1 which is planned for release within the next three weeks.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

May 23rd 2005 - Kopete 0.10.1 and Kopete 0.9.3 with fixes for MSN
New standalone releases of Kopete out today to help people get a fix for the MSN issue. Kopete 0.9.3 should work with KDE 3.2 and above. Kopete 0.10.1 should work with KDE 3.3 and above. Please note that Kopete 0.10.2 will now ship with KDE 3.4.1


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