Saturday, June 04, 2005

» Bought myself a Flickr account

Just bought myself a Flickr "pro" account. Great stuff, I love it :-) I'm in the process of uploading the great photos I shot during my holidays in Croatia, in 2004. Have a look and enjoy ;-) To upload the pics from my Linux box, I use juploadr. Written in Java (uses SWT), simple, cool, works.


Blogger kOoLiNuS said...

... so, after all this time being a Flickr pro-user ... do tou still encourage your friends on using/subscribing it ?

Will you renew your pro account, or il will be enough 1 year pro, and the new year "regular" ?

Blogger Loki said...

Sure, works well.
I'll renew my pro account. It's quite cheap anyway ;)


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