Saturday, June 04, 2005

» Justine has won !

Yes! She did it again ! :) Justine Henin just won her 2nd Rolland Garros. Great to see her win after having had a tough year in 2004, plagued by illness twice. And, well, she definately deserves it, she has the best play. Would just have been nicer to see her play again Kim Clijsters in the final. She should have been there as well, giving away an already won game against Davenport in the 1/4 finals. Hey, Belgium is a small country, don't blame us for cheering on our very rare successes ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

where's amarok 1.3 beta2? just link without file!

Blogger Loki said...

Please read the message on my site.
It's fixed now.


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