Monday, July 11, 2005

» Crystal Clear icon set by Everaldo

Everaldo did it again. The author of the much used and well-known icon set "Crystal" (which is the default icon set on KDE since 3.0 AFAICR) releases "Crystal Clear". Very nice, bright, much more MacOSX-ish evolution. Go get it, for a refreshing change on your KDE desktop ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Got it! Tried it! I really liked the older version but this one is not as consistent. Too many system icons missing. So I switched back to my OSX theme. But Everaldo 's themes have always improved very fast over time.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also tried it on my suse 9.2 install running gnome, too many missing system icons forced me back to my older theme :-/


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