Friday, July 22, 2005

» How to make your KDE menu smaller

Also being annoyed by the KDE menu because a) it has a picture on the left b) the icons are too big ? Here's how to fix those:
  1. edit $HOME/.kde/share/config/kickerrc in your favourite text editor
  2. to remove the picture on the side, look for UseSidePixmap in the [KMenu] section, and change it to false
  3. to make the displayed in the menu smaller, look for MenuEntryHeight in the [menus] section, and change it to 22 or 16
  4. save the file
To apply your changes, there's no need to restart KDE. Just execute the following command in a shell (e.g. konsole): dcop kicker kicker restart


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Psl, create a rpm pkg of new vr. of mldonkey:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

New KMPlayer:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What if my shell terminal doesn't recognize dcop as a command...?
I tried csh, ksh, bash...


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