Friday, August 19, 2005

» Dropping support for SUSE 8.2 and weird combos

Yesterday I've decided to stop building packages for SUSE 8.2, as it has also been dropped out of support by SUSE (or will be with the release of 10.0 final). I won't build RPMs for the weird combos like SUSE 9.1+KDE 3.3 and SUSE 9.2+KDE 3.4 from now on either, as it's a pain to maintain and because I won't be able to integrate those packages properly into Packman (because they don't support such alternative distribution combinations). On the other hand, I started building RPMs for 10.0-betaX. Also rewrote my site's front page to something more cleaned up and with a bit more details about how to install my packages on your box, including announcing Red Carpet repository support (which is live since about a week or so). And, yes, you actually just read that: I'm going to join Packman, but more about that later on ;-) I'm also considering to stop building my packages for SUSE 9.0, but I'm not sure yet about it. If you still have SUSE 9.0 and you're a heavy user of my packages, please do send me a mail to tell me about it. If I don't get many of those on the next days, I'll most probably delete my 9.0 chroot (which means no more SUSE 9.0 RPMs). Of course, existing packages will be kept as they are new, it's just that I won't build or update new packages/releases for those versions. Sorry if that's bad news for you, I hope you all know I always try hard to satisfy my users' requests and needs, but it's a very, very tedious job to build RPMs on that many SUSE variants, so... do consider upgrading ;-) and thanks for your understanding.


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