Friday, August 19, 2005

» SUSE 10.0 includes apt and yum

As Christoph Thiel blogged about it, I may now consider it official: SUSE 10.0 includes APT (apt4rpm) and yum ! :-) That's great news for all of us third party RPM providers, because we've been advocizing the use of APT on SUSE for quite some time, and mostly provide our packages through APT repositories (although Red Carpet and YaST repositories are provided as well for both Packman and my site). APT is already included in SUSE 10.0-beta2, and yum will be in SUSE 10.0-beta3 (although you can already download a preview of the yum packages now from Christoph Thiel's extra packages). Note that those are "unsupported" by SUSE, with YaST2 still being the only supported installation repository, but it's great news nevertheless, as apt and yum will be included in SUSE >= 10.0, without needing to provide and install those from 3rd party sources.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, nice news...

Do you know where we can find a list of YUM REPOSITORIES for SUSE 10.0, so we can choose the one more near where we live (and faster).



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