Tuesday, December 06, 2005

» 17 packages, new smart rpm

Baked 17 packages yesterday, catching up with the various upstream releases that have popped up during the week-end (while I was reinstalling my build host, the chroots, etc...). Most notably, Gustavo Niemeyer has written a patch that fixes the freezes of Smart on SUSE (which is obviously related to the RPM version used on SUSE Linux, not the distro itself). 5min after he sent the patch, at around 3:00AM local time, I've quickly built and published an updated smart RPM. Get it now while it's hot! :) Please test it and provide feedback. That has been one nasty little bugger. Hopefully it's fixed now (thanks Gustavo!) :) Also released an updated mtaskbar RPM that doesn't jail you into your major KDE version (it had Requires: kdelibs3 < %{kde_major_version}.999 in it). Please update to that one if you plan to upgrade to KDE 3.5. Last but not least, a new lftp release by Alexander Lukyanov with a few bugfixes and several enhancements. Alexander, thanks a lot for that awesome FTP/FTPS/HTTP/HTTPS/SFTP/... client, I use it every single day, it's simply some awesome piece of work.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Pascal - there seems to be a problem with the new smart regarding the version number of the distribution. On first run after installation, it updates my sources (I stupidly answer yes to each of the 5 prompts)

Change in field 'Base URL' of channel 'suser-guru 3rd party package repository for SUSE Linux on ftp.gwdg.de (guru-apt)' detected.
Old value: http://ftp.gwdg.de/pub/linux/suse/apt/SuSE/10.0-i386
New value: http://ftp.gwdg.de/pub/linux/suse/apt/SuSE/%{suse_dotted}-i386
Replace current value? (Y/n):

After that, no more updates for me!

Blogger Loki said...

Yes, just noticed this morning as well.
I'm sorry for the bug, I've posted a blog entry about it a few minutes ago.

I have released new smart packages (0.40-14) that fix the issue, but they will only be available with the next sync (at worst, tomorrow morning GMT+1).

As a workaround:
- smart channel --show > channels.txt
- edit channels.txt and replace %{suse_dotted} with 10.0 (or whatever your SUSE version is)
- smart channel --remove-all
- smart channel --add ./channels.txt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lovely, thanks for the clear up instructions. I'm back in business again!

Thanks for all the work you do, BTW. Much appreciated


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