Sunday, July 23, 2006

» Back to business

I'm back from holidays and trying to catch up with all the package updates. Made over 40 packages the last 2 days, now I think I got most of the updates done (at least those I found on freshmeat) - and releasing builds for 36 packages/projects on one day is definitely my new personal record ;) If you notice some package that has a newer version that the one provided in my repository, please let me know, I might have missed something ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope you had nice holidays. I was thinking of Krusader. Didn't you make builds for this app before?
Thanks a lot for all the packages!

Anonymous Anonymous said...


I think Kbfx has newer code out there that allows to disable the somewhat annoying Tooltip. See "KBFX 20060611cvs Released!" at It would be nice if you could find the time to build new packages for it.

Thanks for helping people like me that are not yet confident enough to compile from the sources!


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Glad U're back ;)

How about 'twinkle' for SuSE 9.3?
Is it possible to compile???


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't know where else to ask this...

Do Suse 10.1 packages work on SLED 10?

Blogger Loki said...

Folks, thanks for the feedback but please send it to me by email, it's much more convenient than comments on my blog ;)

As you are all posting as anonymous, I can't even send you a reply.

BTW, latest krusader version is in my repository (and in the KDE:Backports repository in the Build Service).

About kbfx.. well.. I really don't like building snapshots because they create some package manager confusion wrt package version numbers, but I'll have a look.

The latest twinkle version is currently provided by Richard Bos.


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