Monday, July 31, 2006

» smart-0.42-3 and amarok-beta

New smart packages are available: 0.42-3 I've added a workaround for some broken repositories that provide packages that miss Summary: or %description While I haven't been able to reproduce it myself (and thus, no idea what repository that is), it happened to someone on #suse. The patch hasn't been submitted to upstream yet. I've also included my x86_64 package election optimization patch (see here for more details), as I have been running it successfully on my own system and will hence be removing my experimental smart repository. Yesterday, I've built new amarok packages (1.4.2-beta1, with 1.4.2 final currently being scheduled for mid-august) and tried a new package naming scheme. The package is called amarok-beta-1.4.2beta1 (instead of amarok-1.4.2beta1), in order to avoid everyone being pushed a beta when doing smart upgrade ;) You have to explicitly tell your package manager that you want to install amarok-beta in order to get it. As it is my first attempt at such a naming scheme, please send me feedback about whether it works for you or not (especially if it doesn't) - btw, please do so by email instead of posting comments on my blog.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Pascal,

"btw, please do so by email instead of posting comments on my blog"

Noted, ;) But if you could have a time to reply.

Why your new packages are not reflected in 'Smart' database? Maybe need add some extra channels?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I am using smart from your repository but trying to upgrade to .42 (from .41) yields this message from smart :

Can't install no package provides python-elementtree

Any idea why ?


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