Sunday, August 13, 2006

» Thunderbird with reply-to-list

The opensuse mailing lists have recently been migrated to another mailing-list server software and one of the changes it introduces - besides a much improved archive browsing - is not to munge the Reply-To header (see here and here). Unfortunately, a lot of us are using Thunderbird and it is a long-lasting, known issue that Thunderbird has no "reply to list" feature. Without Reply-To munging, when you read the opensuse mailing-lists with Thunderbird and want to send a reply, using "reply" will send a private mail to the sender, and "reply to all" will send both a private mail and to the mailing-list. Both are not desirable. What we almost always want to do is to reply to the list. Googling around a little, I found this extension for Thunderbird that adds reply-to-list. Unfortunately, it also requires a patch to be added to the Thunderbird sources and it seems they won't make it into Thunderbird until 3.0 (currently scheduled around Q2 2007). I downloaded the SUSE Thunderbird src.rpm maintained by Wolfgang Rosenauer, modified the spec to include the above mentioned patch, also upgraded the bundled EnigMail to 0.94.1 and built the packages for 10.1 and 10.0 (both i686 and x86_64). Made first tests with it (on 10.1/x86_64 and 10.0/i686) and it works really well, at least for me ;) To install the patched MozillaThunderbird ( package with the patch applied, do as follows - here using smart on SUSE 10.1:
smart channel --add smart update thunderbird-listreply smart upgrade MozillaThunderbird\*
On 10.0, just change the channel URL accordingly (replace 10.1 by 10.0). When using YaST2/rug/zmd, add the following URL to your list of Installation Sources (it's an RPM-MD (aka YUM aka repomd) repository): As an alternative, you could also use the following mirror: Last but not least, to actually enable the "reply to list" feature, you also have to install the following extension: That's it (Control-I for reply-to-list) ;)


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A very helpful post!

BTW, do you know if now we could use Gmane for posting on SUSE/OpenSUSE lists?

More info:

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dude just wanted to say thanks for everything.....You've been very helpful to newbies like myself n i strted loving SuSE too :D


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