Monday, December 11, 2006

» libmtp gets this week's OSS project WTF award

What a mess... Having to hack around upstream version numbers involving "rc", "alpha" or "beta" isn't fun but this one tops everything I've seen up to now: libmtp They released a new version today, 0.1.0. Of course, it breaks backwards compatibility and installs itself as Their previous releases, 0.0.18 to 0.0.21 installed as Now you might wonder why they went from .so.2 to .so.3 - in fact, their even older releases, up to 0.0.17 installed as Let's summarize:
0.0.17 ......:
0.1.0 .......:
Go figure. To fix all that upstream mess, my libmtp-0.1.0 package builds and ships (from upstream 0.0.21), (from upstream 0.0.17) and (from upstream 0.1.0), in order to avoid breaking compatibility with existing packages. I've also rebuilt gnomad2 to compile and link against libmtp-0.1.0 (, that is). Packages will be on the mirrors in a few hours. Please let me know whether upgrading libmtp to 0.1.0 breaks something or whether it works for you. At least it seems to work fine with my latest amarok packages.


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