Sunday, March 25, 2007

» The TED effect

OMG... Ted managed to look as ridiculous as.. you know... that other guy... who screams and sweats when he gets on stage... that fat guy... ? OK, Ted isn't fat nor sweating but... Just look at this Novell Brainshare video and you'll know who I mean after a few seconds. At first I thought it was a good and funny parody but it seems it isn't. Gosh he even walks like him. [00:00] * yaloki shakes head Ted, you're not doing us any good. But hey, he prolly isn't even reading this.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I looked at the video. You're being way too harsh. Not even the faintest resemblance to Ballmer.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You *are* kidding, right?
Otherwise this is unkind.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ugh. I know Novell are in bed with Microsoft but this is ridiculous.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i thought it was a good entrance. it would have been better if he was wearing a bald wig and a fat suit too, although subtlety has its merits. oh and nermal, I think you're reading slightly too much into it.

Blogger Unknown said...

I had the exact same reaction as Pascal...

Blogger Marcus Meissner said...

Its just generic US american marketing show style. Cut him some slack :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

David: I was being sarcastic... *sigh*

Anonymous Anonymous said...

@nermal: right, its sometimes hard to tell without an obligitary " ;) " and the end though :)

Blogger Loki said...

Well, OK, I'll be fair and grant Ted a few circumstances:
- Brainshare is a typical business/corporate/<insert your favourite curse word here> show, which means no technical content at all, just buzz and smoke screens for managers, so the only thing that matters is being loud
- indeed, as Marcus pointed out (but not with the following words), it's so typical of US marketing style to get on stage all pumped up, making "whooo"s, "yeaaah"s, "I'm so impressed" and jokes no one laughs at

But still... Actually, at the beginning, I was enjoying the video for a few seconds while I was thinking "what a great parody !".
Ted, you should have shouted "I love this company" and it would have been perfect.
Umm.. ok, rather "I... *cough*.. looove.. *cough* *sweat* *sweat* thiiiis... *cough* *heart attack* company" and yet another "woooo".

Seeing the original monkey boy dance again, it's true that it is somewhat different in style. Ted had more hair, didn't have the sweat (or he was smarter by wearing a black shirt) and wasn't jumping all the time. But still, the resemblance just struck me instantly. I guess the fat CEO just had a lot more of that white stuff (obviously, they have a lot more money to spend).

Keep on doing the management dance but please don't link it with openSUSE... hm.. what... err... wait.... oh! right, it wasn't linked with openSUSE at all, it was Novell Brainshare.

To Ted, nermal, anonymous #1 and #2: grain of salt, grain of salt ;)

Blogger Mike Brady said...

"generic US american marketing show style" ? So how are these things done in the rest of the world? Do they go on stage and meditate? If you have ever met Ted, you would know he is an energetic person. A friend of mine refers to him as "a squirrel on speed" (but in a good way). Also the comment that Brainshare lacks any technical content is obviously made by someone who has never been there. Having just returned from Brainshare, I can say you could not be further from the truth on this statement.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The lack to technical info at brainshare comment is wacked and clueless.

Blogger Loki said...

Mike, "generic US american marketing show style" ? So how are these things done in the rest of the world? Do they go on stage and meditate?"

Well, they just get on stage and deliver content. No "whoo", no "hooo", no "that's soo unbelievable", just content.
An example here (and notice the speaker is from the US... I suppose he either adapts his style to the audience... or has a real clue at what he's talking about and lots of relevant content to deliver, which doesn't really need any noise (me thinks it's the latter ;))).

Also the comment that Brainshare lacks any technical content is obviously made by someone who has never been there.

Seems I was wrong, indeed.
Mea culpa, mea culpa maxima.

You mean there are actually software architects and developers who see that cheap rap concert intro and don't instantly pack their things and go away ? ;)

Blogger Unknown said...

It's painfully obvious by your comments that you are not interested in enhancing this thread with positive ideas. It's also evident that you don't get the big picture on how the business world and trade shows work, of you think you do, and your just trying to be difficult. There are those people that aren't happy unless they are in conflict. You should know that the majority of the public that respect the efforts and achievements of Novell are not that type of person.

I'll let you know that I've met Ted personally and he is a dynamic, energetic, and real person who cares deeply about his job and the company that without doubt produces some of the most stable, productive, and viable software on the market.

The old saying I believe applies here, and that is, "If you don't have anything nice to say, then do say anything at all".

Blogger Mike Brady said...


It's obvious you don't understand Brainshare. It's more than the keynotes. The keynotes are there for the press, for the management, and to HAVE A LITTLE FUN. The keynotes represent only 6 hours out of the entire week, which was approximately 45 hours worth of content. There are hundreds of technical, developer, tutorial, and yes, blasphemy - MARKETING type of sessions. The sessions range from a little over an hour, to approximately 2 hours. You see, people have CHOICES, and they go to the sessions they choose. No, not everyone is a developer like you, some of us are mere mortals and deploy the products that others develop. And troubleshoot those solutions, and find workarounds for the shortcomings the developers left in the software. I feel bad for you if you live in a world where every single presentation is the same. Have fun.

Blogger Unknown said...

Big man, your comments about Ted make you sound like a real loser. It's obvious you do not know the guy. He is truly a leader and direct connection to the User Community and has opened several doors for me and dozens of my friends. That's at a local level...What about what he does globally? I encourage you to meet the man before you trash talk next time. Finally, you need to get, "Connected." You sound like my ex-wife.

Blogger Unknown said...

Seem like we got most of the TUI reassembled in here to defend their father ... Hilarious.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trust me, Ted was sweating. Not as much as Ballmer, but his face was glistening just a little.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Novell should really concentrate on the quality of their products instead of doing MS style marketing.

Shows like Brainshare might (I'm not sure at all) convince someone, but they surely don't solve the real problems Novell should face.

Novell messed up SUSE due to its rush to do marketing instead of quality products, and we are starting to be fed up of this way of doing.
Users choose Linux as an alternative to unstable systems, so they ask for reliability and security, not for shows. We have other providers for those. We don't really need over-hyped statements which brings nowhere and might actually be counterproductive.

As a community member, I don't feel much represented or "connected" thanks to Ted, who is just doing marketing. That kind of marketing I don't like in Microsoft and I don't like in Novell, made of words, promises and almost no facts. I agree with Loki: they have to be loud when they've little to say.

Now some word about the personal comments about Loki. Telling that Loki is always conflictual is, at least clueless, and, in my opinion, stupid. We all know what he does for openSUSE and for its community. He's just telling what he thinks, which corresponds to what many (if you don't believe, read something more about the opensuse community, or come to the chatrooms) users think.

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