Saturday, March 24, 2007

» Working Democracyplayer RPMs for openSUSE

I was finally able to build working Democracy Player packages for openSUSE 10.2 (I tested it on 10.2 x86_64). Make sure to install >= (the doesn't work). Definitely one of the ugliest source tarballs around, lots of hard-coded paths to Python 2.4, /usr/lib, etc... But well, managed to patch all the crap and replace it with portable Python/shell code.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good stuff, but it crashes if play video at the end of the video. Hmm. Why so? DimiG

Blogger Hobbes said...

It really works now with python2.5! I can download my files now.

Audio is fine but the video image is appearing on the upper side of the screen, and completely messed up.


Blogger Mike McCallister said...

Worked fine for me, and video filled the screen. Many thanks!


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