Sunday, July 29, 2007

» Webpin CLI 0.3

And already a bugfix release ;) Version 0.3 fixes a few annoying bugs as reported by Toni and Beineri, as well as lots of small improvements (e.g. turning off ANSI sequence galore). Changelog:
  • fixed searching for terms that include regular expression chars (e.g. libsigc++), thanks to Toni (aka oc2pus) for reporting
  • added aggregation of packages and matching repository names, thanks to Stephan Binner (aka Beineri) for reporting
  • added display of matching repository names for filename matches
  • added timeout for server queries (and --timeout option)
  • added progress logging (can be turned off with --quiet)
  • added option to turn off ANSI sequences: --no-ansi
  • rewrote part of the code to make it somewhat cleaner
  • added mising repository name regex for Factory
  • added --factory and --latest
  • added validation of distribution version (--dist)
Updated source available from here and RPMs are here as well as in my repository in a few hours.

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