Monday, July 30, 2007

» Webpin CLI 0.5

Well, while I'm at it... And another update, fixes a bug with Python under 2.5 and adds local RPM database support (--rpm). Changes:
  • added --rpm option to check package hits against your local RPM database (disabled by default):
    • shows whether the packages that match the search criteria are installed on your system or not
    • compares versions with the packages installed on your system and tells you whether the package match from the Package Search is newer, older or the same than the one you have on your system
  • added --rpm-root option to define the chroot to use to access the RPM database
  • print errors to stderr instead of stdout
  • fixed try..finally issue with Python versions < 2.5, see for an explanation, thanks to Patrick Shanahan for reporting
Note that the --rpm options are only available when the package rpm-python is installed. Screenshot of the new features:

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