Sunday, July 29, 2007

» Webpin command-line client

Yesterday I've written a tiny little command-line client for Benjamin Weber's excellent openSUSE Package Search service (also known as "webpin"). It's quite simple but is a great tool to check whether a package is available in one of the many indexed repositories (including all the openSUSE Build Service repositories), or even to look up a file as part of a package. My script merely requires python and python-xml to be installed, and is available either directly from source or as an RPM package (also available and mirrored through my "guru" repository).
A few screenshots are available as well:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This rocks! Very useful. Thanks a lot!

I like it on first sight (and I already have set "alias wp='webpin -u'", because I know I'll want to see the URLs every time).

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cheers Pascal - very useful.


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