Wednesday, August 08, 2007

» OpenProj: a serious MS Project killer

Now this (openproj) looks like a serious MS Project killer ! (thanks to Alberto Passalacqua for the link) It's opensource and free of charge, written in Java and hence runs on many platforms (including Linux, MacOSX and Windows). Licensed under the OSI-approved CPAL 1.0 (Common Public Attribution License) which looks OK (grants right to redistribute and modify, as well as forces availability of source code) and sources are said to be available really soon. Gave it a quick shot and it really seems to be sporting all of Project's features (computes effort to duration, etc...) -- it even looks a lot like Project's UI, I just hope it doesn't have all the bugs.. I guess not ;) w00t!

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Blogger Pete Connolly said...

Nice find Pascal, thanks for that. The lack of a straightforward to use project planner for Linux was depressing. I'm not expecting file format compatibility, but that would be nice...

Blogger Loki said...

It supports loading and saving in MS Project's file format (.mpp files)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did not find a way to copy the GANNT chart and paste it in say OpenOffice, or even to save it to a png/gif/jpg/whatever file...

Blogger DimiG said...

Wow, will waiting it. Hope it will appear soon.

Blogger Loki said...

True, there's no way to export nor save the GANTT chart as of beta2.1.
Shouldn't be that hard to implement and I'd guess it will be added pretty soon.
Could be useful to open a bug in their sourceforge tracker.

OTOH, it has some nice reports that can be exported to lots of formats (e.g. PDF, HTML, MS Excel (hmm, no ODF/OpenOffice yet), ...) and implemented using JasperReports.


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