Monday, August 06, 2007

» Webpin CLI 0.7

Just released and built webpin 0.7, with the following new additions:
  • proxy support, but currently "only" HTTP and Basic authentication (not HTTPS nor Digest)
  • smart support: when smart is installed and you pass --smart, webpin displays whether the repositories containing package search matches are in your channel list in smart
  • zypper support: same as above, but the option is --zypper and.. obviously it compares with the list of repositories configured in zypper (requires to run webpin as root, unfortunately, that's a limitation of zypper)
  • updated man pages
  • started to modularize it a little to unclutter and hence the packages are not noarch any more, as stuff is installed under %py_sitedir/webpin

Update: now also available from the openSUSE Build Service, in these repositories: (add the subdirectory that matches your distribution).

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