Wednesday, November 07, 2007

» One-Click-Install support at Packman

one-click-installThe Packman website now has basic support for the new openSUSE One-Click-Install (also known as YMP). On the package view (e.g. here:, you'll notice a new, yellow box that floats on the right of the screen with a big clickable icon that says 1-click-install. When you click that icon on openSUSE 10.3 and 10.2 (only if you installed the latest yast2 online updates), it will launch the YaST2 YMP handler and add the Packman repository as well as the openSUSE OSS repository (both only if not already in your list of repositories), give you the option of selecting the packages to install (if you pick the "Advanced mode") and, well, install them. Note that -debuginfo and -devel packages are disabled from the set by default but if you want them too, choose "Advanced mode" and enable the checkboxes. It currently lacks a few pieces of information such as the summary of each individual RPM package because we don't have it in the Packman database as of now. But we'll work on that. On the technical side of things, the YMP XML files are generated on the fly from stuff we have in the Packman database. And as I totally love nice URLs and implemented them everywhere on the Packman site, those for One-Click-Install are particularly pretty to point to, e.g.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool stuff.
How often are the packages updated?
Can you inform them to update die Transmission package? Thanke!

Blogger Loki said...

The transmission package is now maintained (still by me) in the Build Service's filesharing repository:

Blogger Ajay said...

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Blogger Ajay said...

Yast takes too long to update all repos and start the actual install

It'll be great if we could set some option for One-Click to use Smart instead of Yast


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