Sunday, July 13, 2008

» lame-3.98

Today I've upgraded the package lame (an MP3 encoder that is available in the Packman repository) to the latest version (3.98). I've taken the opportunity to revamp the package a bit:
  • split into lame, libmp3lame0, libmp3lame-devel
  • add -debuginfo support, making the package smaller and enabling debugging/backtracing
  • build lame-mp3rtp, an MP3 to RTP streamer
  • build lame-mp3x, an MP3 frame analyzer (uses GTK 1.x)
It does have a drawback though, which cannot be solved automagically by rpm: if you install libmp3lame0, it will conflict with the package lame-3.97 (because is now in the package libmp3lame0 instead of lame as with previous versions). Make sure to also upgrade the package lame to 3.98, which should then work out smoothly.

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