Thursday, August 07, 2008

» Thunderbird/Enigmail: fix quoting

At some point Thunderbird/Enigmail started quoting using "|" instead of the standard ">". Finally bothered to find a way to fix this! When you have the about:config extension, read this thread on the enigmail forum. When not, do it by directly editing Thunderbird's prefs.js:
for f in ~/.thunderbird/*/prefs.js; do echo 'user_pref("mailnews.send_plaintext_flowed", false);' >>"$f"; done

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Blogger Unknown said...

What do you mean by the "about:config extension?

All one does to edit about:config is go Edit--> Preferences --> Advanced --> General. Then click on the "Config Editor" button.

This has been a Thunderbird feature since 2.0.0.


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