Thursday, November 06, 2008

» mpg123 1.6.0 in packman

Yesterday, I upgraded our mpg123 package in the Packman repository to the latest upstream version 1.6.0. I'm only blogging about it to inform that I've also split the package into more subpackages:
  • libmpg123-0 contains the shared library as well as almost all the output modules, that are now installed under /usr/lib(64)/mpg123-0 instead of /usr/lib(64)/mpg123 in order to enable parallel installation of binary incompatible versions of mpg123 (that differ on their SONAME) as well as to be compatible with our shared library packaging policy
  • the output plugins for the arts KDE sound system daemon as well as the esound GNOME sound system daemon have been moved into their own subpackages, respectively libmpg123-0-arts and libmpg123-0-esound, in order to minimize dependencies on the main package as well as because those sound daemons are pretty much obsolete nowadays, given that alsa can do software mixing of channels since quite some time and that GNOME has moved on to Pulseaudio on openSUSE 11.0 and later
  • the mpg123 command-line program is contained in the package mpg123, as before, and obviously now requires the libmpg123-0 package
Basically, it just means that you shouldn't be surprised that suddenly there is a package libmpg123-0 that pops up if you upgrade the mpg123 package. Furthermore, if you want mpg123 or applications that use to send their output to the arts and/or esound daemons, you must additionally install the packages libmpg123-0-arts and/or libmpg123-0-esound, respectively.

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