Friday, July 10, 2009

» LOL @ Mono outpaces Java in Linux desktop development

This piece of... "art" has to be one of the most factually wrong and ridiculous pseudo-technical articles ever. Because its utterly unqualified author has 3 or 4 desktop applications running on Mono on his desktop, he states that Mono has overtaken Java (and, unlike the title of that article, he actually writes that it's not only on the desktop). I won't even go into debunking his points, they're so blatantly wrong that it's almost funny, such as MonoDevelop being a lot better than Eclipse, Eclipse not having code completion (almost spilled my coffee on that one), a buggy 64bit JVM (huh?), and that people don't develop a lot of web applications with Java any more, favouring ASP.NET and Ruby on Rails. Err... while there has clearly been quite a lot of traction for Ruby on Rails for the last couple of years, and while it certainly has its fair share of the market, neither ASP nor RoR are anywhere near the numbers of enterprise and/or web applications that have been and are still developed with Java. Oh, and "RossB" on the "SUSE Linux Enterprise in the Americas" blog, please don't relay such rubbish.

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