Friday, July 24, 2009

» osc faillog, for the lazy

As blogged about a while ago, I also wrote a very crude and simple osc plugin for the lazy people (like me!) that applies some simple heuristics to pick the most informative build failure log, to avoid having to type the target distribution and architecture as parameters to osc bl Well, it's now available as a package, namely osc-plugin-faillog To install, add the home:pbleser:osc repository (pick a subdirectory that suits your distribution), and install the package osc-plugin-faillog To use it, just type osc f while being in a package sandbox directory, exactly as with osc bl (but without having to type e.g. osc bl openSUSE_11.1 x86_64 :)). The "algorithm" is quite simple:
  • if factory (SUSE_Factory or openSUSE_Factory, or anything else that has factory in its distribution name) failed, it will display the log for that
  • if not, then it will pick the most recent openSUSE distribution target that failed (i.e. openSUSE_11.1 > openSUSE_11.0, etc...)
From my experience, that (almost?) always makes sense, as the more recent the build target is, the tougher GCC is, and the pickier the rpmlint rules. Yes, it's simple and stupid, but it works -- at least for me. And indeed, it doesn't work for non-openSUSE distribution targets as of now.

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