Wednesday, April 07, 2010

» Planet openSUSE fixes and improvements

More fixes fixes and features on the new Planet openSUSE:
  • RSS, FOAF and OPML feeds are now generated for each language separately, containing only the posts/authors that have a blog in that language
  • there's a new "language" named "any" that aggregates the posts and authors for all languages, combined -- if you want to see all the contributors who blog on our planet, use the global feed list page instead of the per-language one
  • many UTF-8 fixes -- and, indeed, Python sucks at unicode
  • nothing visible, but I rewrote the whole templating and rendering to use the Jinja templating library, which is a lot nicer than the very limited home-grown templating rawdog provides
Note that if you previously added the RSS feed of Planet openSUSE to your feed reader, you'll have to re-add it (English, German, Spanish, etc...). Also, going to will result in a redirect to

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Blogger Robin said...

About the mis placed menus in some browsers.
I took a look at the code and found that you are using the offset function before fading in.
This does not work if it was fade out before because offset does not work on hidden elements according to the jquery api docs.
Maybe that's the problem here.

Btw. the menus could be implemented by CSS only with positioning defined by CSS, this might solve this. Fading could still be done using jquery

Blogger Ana Kendari said...

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