Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Since quite a while, we're having those nifty countdown images for openSUSE, which we've used for releases as well as for the countdown to the openSUSE Conference.

One issue with it is that it does not ship a link to point to when clicked upon, obviously, as it is just a plain image (and no javascript nor flash). Well, if you have put that picture on your blog/site/pants, please consider surrounding it with a link that points to, and we will adapt that link (which is a plain HTTP redirect) accordingly over time (e.g. now it points to the openSUSE conference page, then it will point to the 12.1 release page, etc...).

To do that, if your HTML-foo isn't that high, just use this:

<a href=""><img src=""/></a>



Blogger tom said...

The link is pointing to conference.o.o correctly, but still shows the 11.4 countdown...

Blogger Unknown said...

Just added this to my blog at and received the "11.4: Out now" counter. That looks wrong to me.

Blogger Unknown said...

Ok, i changed the counter of my blog. Thank you.


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