Monday, February 20, 2012

» Collectd on openSUSE

collectd is a very nice metrics collection daemon for Linux, *BSD and a few other Unix variants. Essentially, what it does is run in the background, record a lot of metrics about the system and store them into RRD, from which you can then visualize time graphs.

There are around 100 plugins, going from low level things such as CPU load, memory usage to application level metrics like MySQL slow queries, Apache access log, memcached, etc..., as well as the ability of writing your own plugins in many languages using a nice, well documented and stable API.

I'm maintaining the latest version of collect for openSUSE in the server:monitoring repository.

Finally finished to upgrade to the latest, 5.0.3 -- please test and report any issues either directly to me by email, or using our bug tracker.

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