Saturday, April 28, 2012

» Packman haz buttcrackerz

Bugtracker! I meant to say "bugtracker", I swear!

So, the oh so popular and useful Packman project finally has a proper bugtracker, how awesome is that? Yes, truckloads of awesome. More seriously, it was about time and I finally just decided to do it.

From now on, please use our bugtracker to submit bugs, package requests, etc..., rather than using the mailing-list, although the latter is still fine for discussions and such, obviously.

Using a bugtracker will make it a lot easier for everyone to keep up with what needs to be done, for the packagers to pick things to do when they're bored (hah! right... I had to look up that word in the dictionary), and to make it clear once more that we definitely need more packagers to join and help out.

One needs to create a user account to be able to file a bug/request, but that's quick and doesn't involve any pain. We cannot use openSUSE accounts (as on, sadly.

In case you didn't notice from the links above, the URL of the Packman bugtracker is

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