Sunday, April 01, 2007

» Blender 2.43 RPMs for openSUSE

I'm currently working on Blender 2.43 RPM packages for openSUSE. It was a lot of work but I was finally able to build them (requires a lot of patching), even on x86_64. Note that it doesn't include the player (compilation fails badly on Linux, will investigate and fix it later) nor the game engine (will enable it later as well) but it does seem to work. Note while I also do provide a x86_64 build, only use Blender on 64bit for testing purposes: it seems that the developers suspect that Blender saves broken .blend files on 64bit. The relevant comment in the sources is as follows: /* temporary: prevent people to make/use 64 bits versions without them knowing it might be risky. I don't know for sure yet if we get problems, but I rather not get the burden of having to fix all faulty saved 64 bits files (ton) */ Use at your own risk ;) The packages for 10.2 (will build for other versions later) will be available in my "experimental" repository later today (please make sure to use at least, not 2.43-1 With smart, adding that experimental repository is done like this (in a single line, in a shell as root):

smart channel --add guru-experimental type=rpm-md \ baseurl=

Please let me know whether it works for you -- as I never used Blender myself, I was only able to do some quick, superficial testing.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for this :-)

One question though: Am I right to assume that the 32bit version doesn't suffer the problems like the 64bit one mentioned in your post, or are they both rather unstable?

Blogger Loki said...

The 32bit version should definitely work.

Note that the comment in the sources says that the developers are not sure whether there's a problem with 64bit or not, so I would personally presume that it's because they didn't test it thoroughly enough on 64bit (or don't have enough testers for that platform, etc...).

The problem is just that Blender is very complex to build, partly because it has so many features and dependencies on other libraries, but mostly because the Blender developers don't write their software to have it compile cleanly on 64bit (lots of hard-coded assumptions on paths) nor to install properly into a Linux system (it's "designed" to run from its source/build directory, not from /usr/bin, /usr/lib, /usr/share/blender etc.. - that's all patched by me).

Blogger suwit said...

linux rhce

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know you posted this sometime back, but thank you very much for this package for 10.2. I was thinking I was going to have to wait until 10.3 to get the next version Blender as a proper RPM package.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

please enable the gameengine in this build.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looks like that they just released version 2.44 which includes a lot of bug fixes. Is there any chance that we could get you to build an RPM of that version? Thanks in advance.


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