Wednesday, August 15, 2007

» Novell Client 2.0 public beta

Novell just released a public beta of their Novell Client for Linux (version 2.0). It is available here, both for SLED 10 SP1 and openSUSE 10.2 (at last!). Note that unfortunately, it's as an ISO and not as a package repository, but well (loop-mounting to the rescue). Will test it ASAP at work.



Blogger Unknown said...

Constantly get code:8875 NWE_INVALID_DRIVE_BASE on all of my maps

Blogger Unknown said...

Problem solved. The issue was with the location I was asking the client to map to.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

After installing the Novell Client for Linux 2.0 I get segmentation faults with a process called novell-xregd at bootup. I reinstalled SLED 10 SP1 and installed the client again. Rebooted and saw the same issues. It also disabled my nic on bootup... good code.



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