Tuesday, February 10, 2009

» FOSDEM 2009 is over

Yet another successful FOSDEM is over. First of all, I'd like to thank the many volunteers who helped us during the week-end, with all the non-fun parts of the job (transporting tables and chairs, cleaning up, picking up trash, help people out at the Infodesk and the new cloakroom, installing and removing insane amounts of network cables and gear, etc...), but obviously also everyone who's involved into the core team. Each FOSDEM event is the result of many months of hard work spent during our free time. Then I'd also like to thank the people from various projects who manned their stands and organized their developer rooms. It all went pretty smooth, and thanks again for keeping rooms clean, for keeping people out when the rooms were full, as well as saving us quite a lot of time by transporting the stand tables back. Last but not least, thanks to everyone who attended the event, it would be useless without your presence, and especially those who made a donation. Your funding is very important to keep the event alive and allow us to stick with sponsors who invest into FOSS for the sake of it, without requiring vendor talks or proprietary product marketing stands in return. The Friday night beer event was the craze. Totally. Insane. I have absolutely no idea how many people attended but at midnight there was something around 10000 EUR spent on beer (including the 2000 EUR of free beer that was donated by Google), and we heard that at 3am it was still packed. Thanks to the Delirium Cafe for having us, the perfect location for our Beer Event. No FOSDEM is perfect -- we'd never pretend it to be, and this year the possibly only major issue was with the network. We'll work on that and fix it for the next edition. If you have suggestions/ideas on how to make it even better, please take a few minutes to fill our feedback form.



Blogger Jerome said...

what do mean by major issue with the network ?
It seems a few people has been connecting to each other with wrongly configured as-hoc wifi... Apart from the delay to have everything up and running on Saturday and the hacking on the ULB network side on Sunday (~5pm) I haven't received much complaints.
Of course having up the 700 concurrent users with low bw uplinks is not ideal but that's what we can offer today.

Blogger Andrew Yourtchenko said...

indeed - it was a pretty big beast to herd - so if there's any specific feedback on which parts and where had been painpoints, would be cool to know, so hopefully next year we can keep a closer look on those!


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