Sunday, October 23, 2005

» FOSDEM F2006-M10

Yesterday, we had our FOSDEM meeting 2005-10-22 (#2) at Raphael's place. It really went well, we were quite productive, making a prioritized list of tasks and activities, assigning responsabilities to each of them. This edition is really taking a new turn IMHO, as we're spreading the organization before the event onto more people, integrating the people from the FIT team (the people who do the hard work during the event) much better than before, which, in my opinion, can only result into a much improved quality of the event. Edition 2006 is definately heading for quality, as we're concentrating on keeping the same concept, the same activities, but taking every issue we had for 2005 point by point, and working on it to make FOSDEM 2006 the best one ever. The idea is: same thing, but much better. As Koenraad said: either we do an activity 100%, or we drop it. For me, we should really target the best possible experience for visitors, speakers and projects coming to FOSDEM. Once we have a FOSDEM 2006 with which everyone is happy (including us, as organizers), we can look forward to making the concept evolve a little for 2007. Let's say we target a stable release, focussing on bugfixes and Q&A ;)


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