Tuesday, September 27, 2005

» Stupid comment of the week

Now, how is that one qualifying ? :) "Suse is a commercial version of Slackware; and has also many Slakware backward compatibility liabilities" "Mandriva is Mandrake with apt-get addition" "In the old days, you start with Linux official release then add KDE and Gnome plus Mozilla for desktop. Its sound pretty safe." "Each linux kernel versions have bugs; unless you confine to Eclipse. So, full blown Linux such as AIX 5L(IBM) use Eclipse." Well, two options here, either he's the type of guy who has no clue whatsoever (and in this case, I really mean none) but has to give his pseudo-enlightened opinion about everything (we all know some of those), or he's the type of guy who smokes 2g of sativa before turning on his computer. Must be one of the two. Really. Or maybe it's the next generation of Eliza chatter bots. Not bad for a bot. Braindead for a human. :-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

it looks like a bot indeed. check his other posts. also notice how all stories he has replied to were submitted by himself. the replies look somewhat like randomly connected statements. maybe someone attempting to train his bot?

Blogger 33_hertz said...

Hahaha. And I thought I was bad. :-D


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