Friday, November 25, 2005

» Today's php4 online update is broken

The Yast Online Update for php4 that came in this morning is broken: it makes Apache httpd processes segfault. My guess is that both php4 and apache2-mod_php4 were updated but not the other php4-* packages (such as php4-gettext, which I'm using extensively, and I'm pretty sure that's the one that triggered the segfault). After the online update, I had php4 = 4.4.0-6.2 and apache2-mod_php4 = 4.4.0-6.2 installed but all the other php4-* packages were still at 4.4.0-6. Solution: I downgraded those two packages back to 4.4.0-6 and now it works again:
smart install php4=4.4.0-6 apache2-mod_php4=4.4.0-6
Posted on the opensuse-packaging list (follow the thread here) and sent to SUSE's php4 package maintainer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The problem lies in the apache2-mod_php4 package, the php4 package is not affected.


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