Monday, December 05, 2005

» Hosed my LVM

Unfortunately, while fiddling around with LVM and trying to fix some idiosyncrasies I had with my LVM setup, I hosed my system completely. Fortunately, /home was safe as I have it on a separate VG (volume group). Pfew... Spent part of the week-end installing 10.0 again and setting up build chroots. I still have to write a few scripts to manage them more easily though, but I already have 10.0, 9.3 and 9.2 chroots, still having to set up 9.1, and I'll abandon 9.0 as it's going out of support anyway. I also started to mirror the installation media for 10.0 down to 9.1 to avoid having to fetch from the internet all the time. Played a bit with y2pmbuild as well. Nice, but doesn't fit the way I've built and managed my packages since ages, so I'm probably going to stick with my scripts. If you wonder why I didn't do any new RPM releases this week-end, now you know why (there haven't been all that much upstream releases anyway) ;) Once you know LVM and y2pmsh, those are really, really nice tools to set up such environments.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Argh, that couldn't be cool but that is things that happens... :(

Btw, how is the Packman site coming along? any news when it will be up?


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