Friday, December 09, 2005

» My Milk Desktop

Well, I thought, for once, let's post a screenshot. I really like my current desktop, it's very milk-ish. It's KDE (3.5.0, but same looks possible with 3.4.0), with the following settings: - lipstik widget style - flatKnifty window decoration - nuoveXT icons - my color scheme - "susewall" wallpaper (desaturated a little)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks great, even though it's just KDE ;)</flame>

I like those fonts you use.

Blogger Werner Habel said...

How on earth do you get KDE 3.5 to work with additional themes?

As you already know, I could not get Baghira to work with KDE 3.5.

Up to now, I thought that it was a baghira related problem.

So when i saw your new lipstik desktop, I gave KDE 3.5 one more try.

First I installed the lipstik theme under KDE 3.4.2.
Everything worked fine.
Than i switched to KDE 3.5 via YaST from SUSE supplementary source.
Nothing more, yet still enough.
Lo and behold: After restarting KDE, lipstik was gone and so was baghira!
I just had to downgrade to KDE 3.4.2 again and both were back, up and running...

What is going wrong here?
Is the supplemantary source broken?
Where did you get your 3.5-Packages from?
Where is the difference?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love that desktop font. Any hint as to what it is?

Blogger kOoLiNuS said...

tell us which font it is :-)

PS = now thanks to the Novell japanese repo's I've also managed to get JDE 3.5 (at last!!)

Blogger Loki said...

The font is "HandelGotD" bold, but is unfortunately not freely available.

Blogger kOoLiNuS said...

thanks for sharing anyway :-)

I'll stick with beatstream all over


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