Wednesday, November 22, 2006

» Install Flash Player 9 Beta

1. Grab the latest beta from Adobe

Grab the latest beta from Adobe's website, here: e.g. like this from a shell (no need to be root at this point):
mkdir -p ~/download/flash cd ~/download/flash wget -O fp9.tar.gz

2. Uninstall the flash-player package

If you have the flash-player package installed (provided in the non-OSS repository of SUSE Linux), you'll have to uninstall it first. The following command will check whether it is installed and if it is, it will prompt you for the root password and remove it:
rpm -q flash-player && su -c "rpm -e flash-player"

3. Unpack the beta archive

Unpack the tar.gz archive you've just downloaded from Adobe's website and go into the subdirectory that's created by unpacking it:
cd ~/download/flash tar xzf fp9.tar.gz cd flash-player-plugin-*

4. Install the plugin

Now let's install the plugin file ( into /usr/lib/browser-plugins/:
su -c  "install -oroot -groot -m755    /usr/lib/browser-plugins/"
Note that it must be installed with 0755 (executable). The command above will prompt you for your root password and install it accordingly.

5. Verify

Start Firefox, Seamonkey or whatever Mozilla browser you are using, and type the following as the URL: about:plugins On that page, you should now see an item identifying itself as "Shockwave Flash"     File name:     Shockwave Flash 9.0 d78


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good comment, MF2.0

If I play flash it shows version 9
But in about:plugins show Shockwave Flash 7.0 r68

Very strange. So, it is not simple copy .so file in /usr/lib/browser-plugins

Blogger Loki said...

Make sure you don't have in ~/.mozilla/plugins

If it's there, remove it and start Firefox again.


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