Monday, December 04, 2006

» Groklaw FUD machine

Sad... their motto is "digging for the truth" but this time they got it all wrong. "Novell "Forking"" "There will be a Novell edition of and it will support Microsoft OpenXML." Well, fact is that it's been quite some time there's a "Novell edition" of Nothing new. Point is, Sun employs around 70-80% of the developers working on, Novell having more or less all the others on their payroll. Patches, fixes, enhancements written by Novell employees (such as KDE integration) are sent upstream to Sun and Sun decides whether it makes it into the code base or not. Until Sun decides (which can sometimes take a lot of time) or if Sun rejects, Novell can still include those patches into their own builds of (i.e. those that are shipped as part of SUSE Linux and SLED). And if they doubt about Novell's commitment to ODF: read this. Also make sure to read this part: "Our Source: all JCA / LGPL". Nothing special, all Linux distributions do that, with various parts of the system (including the kernel). Paranoia and willfully twisting facts into flaming headlines won't help us -- none of us, that is. Groklaw has now officially matched the level of Slashdot: down the gutter.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looks like Novell is an excuse for some Slashvertisment.

This Xandros ad :

Posted just after this Novell bashing :

All those ignorant, stupid people are making me sick. They should die.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are so right, I have been ENYOING the Ximian/Novell OOo versions since they started. Fork? I have a self made patch for MythTV... NEWS: I am forking MythTV.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

In many ways Groklaw's has shown just how young the open source community is and in turn just how young many members of the community act.


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