Sunday, May 06, 2007

» Enable smooth fonts on openSUSE 10.2

Wrote a short howto on opensuse-community to enable subpixel hinting (openSUSE 10.2):

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Blogger Tunga said...

Very good guide. It will be very helpful if someone tells about having the secret package; freetype2-32bit.x86-64.rpm !?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not clear if I have to build package. Based on this I don't need compile anything. Right???

Blogger Unknown said...

Thanks, as a relative newcomer to GNU/Linux I've never quite been able to get fonts looking spot on, this seems to have done the trick nicely :)

Blogger Steve said...

I'm behind an authenticated firewall, so updates from a command line don't work for me. Yast works, but it is all new to me. When I try adding as the server name on a new http Installation Source with /download/GNOME:/Community/openSUSE_10.2/GNOME:Community.repo
in the Directory on Server field it complains "Unable to create installation source". What do you suppose I am doing wrong?

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thank you for this howto.
We need like this howto for openSUSE 10.3, are you 'll write about it soon?

Than you again..

Blogger Loki said...

It's exactly the same procedure for 10.3 (the presentation of the options in the KDE dialogs are just slightly different, but it's the same configuration values to set).


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