Tuesday, July 24, 2007

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Back from holidays. Tenerife was very nice. Not as much to see as in Croatia (by a large margin) but relaxing nevertheless. We intentionally picked a location where we could relax more than anything else, and that was better suited for our daughter in terms of playing on the beach and such. Unfortunately, 3 days before leaving, in the middle of the night, I felt an extreme pain on my left side. It didn't go away after almost an hour and I thought "uh oh.. yeah, has to be the kidney" Well, yeah, tough luck, I have a stone in my left kidney. Most friggin extreme pain one could imagine (or not, actually). Went to hospital, had checks, got painkillers and stuff. When we came back home to Belgium, I immediately went to check it again over here. Yeah, confirmed. Ate more and more painkillers but sometimes even that didn't help. Long 2-3 hour sessions of non-stop pain, without a minute of relief. This is definitely the thing you'd want to wish your worst enemy. On Tuesday the pain was so strong that I went to hospital, for them to give me a cocktail of strong painkillers and such. Point is, I only left on Friday morning and even got some surgery and a probe placed into my bladder (yummy...) as the stone didn't want to come out by itself (although the fscker is just as small as 5mm.. wth). At least the pain is gone, but the stone is still there. I'll have some more surgery on Thursday to remove the probe (with a little luck it'll just be local narcosis this time) and normally the stone will come out with it (crossing fingers). Anyhow, I'm back into packaging business and such but pretty tired from the surgery (or rather, the full narcosis), sticking at home until the 6th. Hm. Dunno why I blogged about this anyway, sorry for bothering my dear readers with such pathetic crap. But I'll post it anyway.



Blogger Dreams said...

Cheers man! It's a friggin ordeal. My dad lived thru one too. Hope you feel better and the little fcker comes out.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is evil. My best health wishes to you.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What happens to that stone?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I meant, what happen_ed_ to that stone? Is he still there? Now we all want to know it. :-D

Blogger Loki said...

Thanks for your support ;)

Well, I got the probe removed and the stone was supposed to get out quickly then. Actually I had 3-4 days for the stone to come out because after that, the effect of the probe would stop.

Unfortunately, I didn't see the stone come out so... but I don't have pain either so... I suppose the stone came out when the probe was removed.

Short version: pain is gone, the stone most probably too, back to work tomorrow ;)


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