Sunday, September 16, 2007

» JackLab, vampirising other people's work

I stand corrected, make sure to read the update below JackLab announced their first stable version of JackLab Audio Distribution, basically openSUSE 10.2 with a few kernel patches for improved latency, as well as lots of multimedia applications and out-of-the-box support for audio formats such as MP3. The interesting thing about it is that neither their announcement nor their website even mention the Packman team (especially Toni "oc2pus" Graffy) that is doing all the hard work of packaging, patching, communicating with upstream as well as providing almost all of the RPMs they are shipping in their distribution. So much for vampirising and taking credit for other people's work. To the JackLab team: nice, great move, that's the way to get popular in the OSS ecosystem. Not. Update: it seems like the announcement wasn't coming from the JackLab team itself but from one of their users. The installer includes a slide about Packman and the real announcement does mention Packman. Update 2: or maybe not: see here Oh, whatever.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are way too short tempered, insulting people before even knowing the facts.

Blogger Loki said...

Possibly, in this case, although there's a lot of history of not so nice things that happened between Packman and previous maintainers of the Jacklab project -- that's history, but still makes me somewhat suspicious. Overly suspicious in this case.

Things have been clarified, and I think I did in my blog as well. I'm just not removing the blog entry so people can't say I'm not standing to my mistakes ;)

Note that such criticism coming from an anonymous coward isn't really helpful in any way either.

Blogger Loki said...

s/previous maintainers/a previous maintainer/

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