Friday, September 14, 2007

» Moving to Packman

It's been a while I talked about doing this, but finally, the day has come: I'm moving my packages to the Packman repository \o/. This is a good thing for everyone, as at some point, it will mean that users need to add one repository less. I'm not exactly "moving" and my "guru" repository isn't quite dead yet, as the process is being implemented gradually. With the exception of smart, every new build/release will be published to Packman, and I migrate my existing packages slowly to either Packman or the openSUSE Build Service.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, that´s great :-)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome news =)

Blogger طلال said...

I am with it :)

As you know, the new version of openSUSE was released, and I am wonder if we 'll see any new version of smart package manager with the new repositories as usual?

I don't have any problem to install a fresh version of smart and adding the repositories, but there many people ask me about your version of smart :)

Thank you..

Anonymous Anonymous said...

a werrrrry good ide :p lol

Blogger c1ph4 said...

okay, thank you for this information.

I am glad that your repository doesn't disappear completely, because it rocks! :-)

keep going.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That seems to be a really good decision. However, your website should reflect that fact. For example, the package news look as if you had abandoned the whole project.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the above comment. Furthermore I hope that the excellent quality of your packages will not be affected in any kind by this step.


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