Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Some people have funny behaviour on IRC. Nothing new. But the "I will report this to Novell!" kind of dudes are hilarious. Tonight, on the #suse show:
00:33:00 < sPiN> neighborlee, your attitude is going to get you tossed out of here if you continue. so choose your words carefully
00:33:21 < neighborlee> sPiN: so this is a communist  channel..where free speech is against the rule of law ?
00:33:34 <@yaloki> !rules @ neighborlee 
00:33:35 < SUSEhelp> neighborlee:  Please respect the channel rules
00:33:37 < kallepersson> No. But it's called common sense to shut the hell up.
00:34:20 < neighborlee> kallepersson: so I dont have free speech in here is that what your saying ?
00:34:31 < AlbertoP> neighborlee, stop that discussion please
00:34:44 <@yaloki> neighborlee: this isn't about free speech, it's about behaving to make everyone's stay here as nice as possible
00:34:46 < neighborlee> Im doing nothing wrong.,.stop accusing me of it I DO HAVE LOGS , and I will use them
00:34:55 -!- neighborlee was kicked from #suse by yaloki [behave]
And a few seconds later, somewhere in private messaging:
[19:37] <neighborlee> I will report this outrage to suse headquarters at once..your ignorant
[19:37] <sPiN> s/your/you are/
[19:37] <neighborlee> IF this is how suse is..ill format at once and use ubuntu
[19:37] <sPiN> please do
[19:37] <neighborlee> your a jerk you know that
[19:37] <neighborlee> a perfectly idiotic jerk
[19:37] <neighborlee> you dont deserve to use linux
[19:38] <neighborlee> your a total jerk
[19:38] <sPiN> you are
[19:38] <neighborlee> ignorant jerk
[19:38] <neighborlee> though its bliss ;)
[19:38] <neighborlee> congrats :)
[19:38] <neighborlee> ill be happy to BLOG this tonight
[19:38] <neighborlee> show how communist like #suse is
[19:38] <neighborlee> you WILL regret this
ph34r :) The part about Ubuntu is particularly nice.. poor #ubuntu ops, we didn't mean to, really, sorry ;)



Blogger Josef Assad said...

Out of idle curiosity, what set the fellow/fellowette off?

Blogger Loki said...

Hey Josef.

He was annoyed and started to shout because the 1-click install of Compiz-Fusion didn't configure everything and worked out-of-the-box after he clicked on it. He actually had a valid question (but not complaint, he just needed to log out and back in). But when he started to shout, sPiN asked him to watch his wording. Then he got crazy with all that communist and free speech stuff.
Well, I just gave him a gentle kick (no ban) to warn him but he didn't come back and chose to insult another op (sPiN) in PM.

It's not about posterizing him but that new sort of "I will complain at Novell" sort of troll is quite funny ;)

Blogger DimiG said...

Don't think you should post such things here and react on it. I have prerogative to speak about communism,cause I spent all my young best years in communism time, but I don't speak about especially in IRC technical channel. This guy don't have a right to speak about things he don't know. I suspect he is very young school boy. Respect,

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damnit, I just wasted five minutes looking for his blog for more hilarity. Anyone have a link? Maybe he sobered up though and decided against a post. :(

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Couldn't you guys have worked to keep him? Seriously :(


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