Wednesday, November 07, 2007

» openSearch for openSUSE package search engines

I quickly hacked openSearch configurations for a few openSUSE package search sites: When you go to the URL above with Firefox, you'll notice that the search box is highlighted and that you get some sort (depends on the theme) of drop-down arrow. When you click on it, you can see "Add WebPin package search", etc.. items. Just click on it and it'll add the selected package search engine to the ones available in Firefox' search box. Note that unfortunately, Konqueror doesn't implement opensearch as of now (which is a pity, given it's an open standard). The Packman and WebPin already have it on their respective sites.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

In Konqueror, you can extract the URL and add to your web-acronyms list. then you can use urls like
packman:packagename or bs:packagename to search for packages.


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