Wednesday, November 07, 2007

» openSUSE package search bookmarklets

If you find yourself often searching for openSUSE packages in your browser (as I do, although I typically use the Webpin CLI client for that), you might be interested in adding the following bookmarklets to Firefox and/or Konqueror: It's quite easy to "install" on Firefox:
  • either drag&drop the links above to your Bookmarks Toolbar, or right-click on the link and pick "Bookmark this link"
  • find the link you just added, either in the Bookmarks menu or on the Bookmarks Toolbar
  • right-click and select "Properties"
  • in the "Keyword" field, select a short 1, 2 or 3 letter acronym that's easy to remember (e.g. "pm" for Packman search, "wp" for Webpin, ...
With Konqueror, it's just slightly less simple:
  • right click on the link above you'd like to add, and select "Copy link address" to have it in the buffer
  • in the menu, select "Settings" and "Configure Konqueror"
  • click on the "Web Shortcuts" icon on the left
  • make sure that "Enable Web shortcuts" is enabled
  • click on the "New" button
  • enter some meaningful name for the "Search provider name" field, e.g. "Packman search"
  • paste the URL you've just copied into the buffer in the "Search URI" field
  • as with Firefox, define a 1, 2 or 3 letter acronym that's easy to remember in the "URI shortcuts" field (e.g. "pm" for Packman search, "wp" for Webpin, ...)
Once you've done that, you just need to type the acronym followed by the search criterion in the URL field of your browser. Say you've used "pm" for the Packman search URL, then on Firefox you just need to type Control+L (which takes you to the URL field) followed by pm amarok -- that's it. Note that as opposed to Firefox, Konqueror defaults to use ":" between bookmarklet shortcuts and the search criteria (but you can change that to mimic Firefox in Settings > Configure Konqueror > Web Shortcuts > set the value of the "Keyword delimiter" combobox to "Space" instead of "Colon"), which means that with Konqueror the procedure is as follows: type Control+L (which clears and takes you to the URL field) followed by pm:amarok. It's really a very simple trick: Firefox and Konqueror just replace the %s placeholder in the URL with what you type behind the bookmark's keyword.

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